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Friday, September 6, 2013

Dog Days of Summer... And Crochet To Suit!!

In the words of Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam..." "It's hot... How hot? Da*n Hot!!" As it's going to be another few days of high 90's here in Omaha, I couldn't agree more! We've had it pretty easy this summer, so I guess I shouldn't complain... I'm just tired of watering almost an acre of flower gardens every day! Waahhhh!

To cope and protect myself from the scorching heat, I have lots of hats to wear. My favorite is the custom fit sun hat I designed awhile back, but my husband gave me his new lightweight cotton floppy hat and I adore it! Only problem is, it's got two big golf logos on it! I refuse to rock the golf thing so crochet to the rescue!

In all the years I've been crocheting and designing, I've accumulated a lot of little thread flower motifs. I've saved every false start, leaf, flower motif, starts of doilies unfinished, you name it. 

I love my new flowery hat now! 

So my recent project was to arrange all these crocheted flowers on my hat, tack them on with invisible thread and make a whole new creation! I hope my free tutorial will give you all some fun ideas!! If you don't have any thread objects around, I have lots of free patterns for them. 

In other news, just completed our latest dog rescue of a tiny 8 lb Miniature Schnauzer i named Shyla. Happy to announce she's now in an amazing forever home and has a new name, Jozie. 

Click Here To Arrange Your DogVacay!

I just signed up as a doggie care provider with! I'll be watching my first clients this weekend! What a great way to earn a few bucks to support our rescue's $135/month doggie HMO bill at Banfield!! If you're near Omaha and need a great place to board your dog, search for Sheila Schnauzies at!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summertime Blues... There IS A Cure!

It's called crochet! Do you get a bit bummed when you think of that half finished afghan you started back in January? For some people, including me,  the thought of working with yarn in the hottest part of summer is just... Yicky!

One thing I love to do in summer is crochet small items with cotton yarn, like my recent hand towel pattern. Why not knock a bunch of those Christmas gift list items out now! Come December you'll be glad you did!

Another thing I like to do in summer is thread crochet projects. Have you ever tried working in thread? If you haven't, check out my tutorial on learning to adjust from yarn to thread here. 

If you're already a "Threadie," you might enjoy making my brand new "Barbie Rocks!" outfit with coordinating belt, tote bag, hat and poncho! You can get that free pattern here next week! 

Next on my hook will be a potholder design for September's exchange. Honestly at this point I have no clue what it will be! 

Well, I'm off to go out early and water my starving gardens! Another week of mid-90's ahead. THAT is what gives me the summertime blues!

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