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Monday, April 9, 2012

Out With The Bunnies, In With .... ???

Well, I've managed to exhaust my pastel cravings with all the Easter projects! You can check them out and get all the patterns here.

Right this minute, I'm putting together a facial/household scrubber pattern for this week's column. The key to success with these is the yarn or thread chosen. Obviously for facial you want one type that is very soft, and another type that gently exfoliates. The answer? Well, a two-sided scrubber, of course! Not only are they fast to crochet up, they're "Green-friendly" too! Those little cotton pads do add up in our landfills. 

Some of my Easter 2012 designs.
My "Out My Window" Garden on March 27th
It's very green outside too, I'm having new plants pop up every single day. It's always so exciting for me to see my old friends again. This will be the third summer for my plants here, I'm betting everything will be bigger and better than ever.  Ron bought a blueberry and blackberry plant, I picked up a Pink Lemonade blueberry and a red raspberry. I moved about 3 dozen strawberry plants from a bed in back yard to the out-my-window garden where the dogs will leave them be.  Maybe we'll have some real fruit this year, especially since I put stuff to prevent worms on the cherry tree! 

I had fun making this little "Mini Zen Garden" for myself out of a bunch of assorted glass pieces and shells I had lying around. Now to turn it into a solar fountain... ha ha. 

Raised Bed Full of Promising Things!
Not having so much success with the seed starting experiment outdoors, however. I think the nights are too chilly. So this morning I brought all the little seeds indoors. As long as I can keep Cari's puppy out of them, they should take off just fine. She has a name now, Macey. How cute! She's completely adorable and full of mischief, as every happy puppy should be. 

Had a very nice Easter dinner out with Cari, John had plans with his girlfriend but he did show up in time to have some strawberry shortcake here at home before it disappeared. There wasn't one scrap left.  Speaking of dessert, I had the most awesome thing at dinner. Orange cake with orange icing! It was so yummy and done just a bit on the tangy side, the way I like it. I'll have to make one of those sometime. 

Finally gave in and bought some Starbucks k-cups for my Keurig. And yes, it is just as good as what you get in their shops.  I need to get something that says "powered by coffee" or some such thing! I have been trying to convert to half-caff for my last cup of the day, usually about 1-2 a.m!!

Got some new clippers so all the Schnauzers are in for haircuts this month. I'm sure they'll be thrilled!

Well, off to do my household chores... wish I could train one of the dogs to dustmop! 

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