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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Free Saturday, What To Do!!

I'm at one of those places where I've lined up entirely too many projects for myself, both crochet design and personal! My DH is out of town at a golf tournament, leaving me to my own devices!! Now what to do with all that free time...

My crochet to-do list:

– Design the Backward Rose Mini Doily
– Design the Backward Rose Hair Clip
– Design the Bingo Bag - a fun summery striped purse which my son's girlfriend, Janette, requested I make for her
– Design two more fantasy flowers for a pattern I'm working on

Crossed OFF my to-do list this morning, removing the sleeves from a favorite old top I've never worn much, making it sleeveless and adding edging to the sleeves and hem, plus edging and beads to the neckline. Have it on right now, feels so much better! Now I'll wear the pants off of it for years. It had this beautiful floral embroidery all over it, and nice fabric, but the edges were finished with this crappy plastic tape with stitching over it. Yuck!!  I have to say... please excuse my hair:)

Not crochet, but cool anyway - I bought this green dress, the "perfect sundress," this Spring. Sadly it's a floor-mopper! It stinks to be so short sometimes! Anyway I finally figured out a way to shorten it 5 inches without hemming, with lines of ruching. I wrote it up here if you want to see how it was done.

We're still in the clenches of this @#$*$ heat wave/drought! I hate having to water every single day. There is a sprinkler system installed here, we've found the things in the yard - but there's no control panel, no place to turn it on that we can find. Guess I'll have to have a sprinkler guy come over and tell me what's what one of these days. Meanwhile, it's crochet awhile, move the sprinkler.

One last quick thing to share – a fellow crocheter is giving away a pretty amazing crocheted Crocus Doily on her blog tomorrow. You still have time to enter the giveaway here.

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