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Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Monday!

Wow, one week till surgery and counting.  Surely nothing will show up to stop it! At least I hope not. Spent the morning running errands with Carianne. PIcked up some new dog food at Petco to try out. We are almost out of our allotment of Blue Buffalo free dog food for the year.  Sure could use a dog food sponsor... hint, hint!

Been working on the computer cleaning up some filing work on pictures. Oh, fun. Actually it is - I can see the progress of my new "Window Garden" in the photos.  It started as blank dirt in late June, and is now a nearly completed roughly 20' X 12 ' beautiful all perennial garden! Have moved some of my garden art to it, one piece at a time. PIcked up a nice chair at Home Depot for it the other day, nice having a place to sit down and enjoy it. 

Speaking of the garden, I'm off to fill in a few gaps now. OUT the door... whoosh!!!!!

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