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Monday, August 29, 2011

Still in suspense...

Waiting to hear if my surgery has been medically approved. I was supposed to hear last Thursday. Do  these doctors not know people's lives kind of hang in the balance, waiting on this sort of thing? Well, que' sera, sera I suppose. Whatever will be, will be.  I'm alternating between good days and not-so-good. My hip seems to be "moody." When it gets enough, it says STOP. What I know from experience when the other one went south, is that eventually it will get stuck in "stop" and not come back. That hurts, a lot. So let's hope for off-and-on bad pain until the surgery can get done!

Busy day today! Spent a couple hours working on file restores from CD's - you can probably imagine how much fun THAT was! Then I went out to water the dog pool, the flower gardens out back... barely squeezed in a little time to dig up some strawberries & cream grass for a garden friend. Then it was off to a mess of errands that lasted all afternoon.

Sitting here about to fall asleep. Time for a definite nap! I guess 3 hours of sleep wasn't quite enough last night... Hugs to all!

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