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Monday, September 5, 2011

Blogging It Al Fresco Today!

Well, at least to start with... the bugs started winning and I retreated inside! I tell you, it HAS to be the weather - which has been in the perfect 70's for a few days now... that is affecting me in such a positive way! During some random moment, I'll have these little "flashes" of happiness about whatever is going on at the moment. I'm normally pretty contented, but to be "actively happy" is another thing!  Whatever the reason, I sure have enjoyed the last three days. I hope this continues all week up to the surgery next Monday! Wouldn't that be nice.

I've been doing a lot of organizing - putting away little things here and there. Today I started trying to clean house and got to the point of dusting, and couldn't find my duster spray - so off to Walmart I went. Here are four of my purchases in the photo - can you spot them? I fell in love with the Better Homes & Gardens floral and stripe coordinating prints earlier this summer. Today I picked up a chair cushion, two pillows and a tablecloth.

Came home and tossed together dinner, baked an orange cake that was to-die-for, and then after eating, my stupid hip popped out again. It's doing that numerous times every day now. When the right hip went bad it finally went out and stayed out... for months. I'm really hoping we go next Monday as planned in order to avoid that.

Koby is doing great! His drinking has cut back and he's continuing to eat well and regain weight. I am thrilled!  It amazes me how happy he is, even tho he is blind. Always wagging that tail! Here he is with best friend (and nurse) Scrappy Jack, who thinks Koby's ears need cleaning.

I tell you, if I could bottle the last days and preserve them somehow...  I surely would. Abject happiness. And wearing my hair in braids:)

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