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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Great Possum Adventure!

A flying live possum, a hole in the ground, and me with two brand new hips... NOT a good combination!

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! I went out last night to investigate why my furkids (the seven Miniature Schnauzers) were going nuts over something in the yard. I gimped out on my cane to find a big furry lump with a long thing coming out of it - my first guess was they had killed a wild turkey. We have lots of those around. So I'm thinking ok, get it out of here, and grabbed onto what I thought was a turkey neck. Well, it started to squirm in my hand and it suddenly dawned on me I had hold of a live possum, playing "possum" for the dogs! Too late to do anything else, I gimped over the 15 or so feet to the fence and flung the possum as hard as I could in the air over the fence. As the possum flew, I stepped in a hole in the ground and down I went!  Luckily I landed on my right hip, the "old" new one, not the 7-week old one! I managed to pick myself up and miraculously, not a scratch on me.  I was even more lucky I didn't get bitten! I still can't believe it didn't bite me. Maybe it knew I was trying to help it. I had my son John go out and look for it today, not a sign of it, so it must've made its way somewhere to nurse its wounds.

Here is a picture of what I could have gotten bitten with. (This is not my possum, it's from the internet).

Other than that it's been a quiet weekend, the old man is traveling in KC attending our grandson Nick's birthday party.  I didn't have anyone to watch the dogs so I had to stay. I've spent it writing on my web pages and crocheting on my brown vest. I'm just about done with it, a few more stripes to go on the front sections.  Just put up a new pattern on the web for a free crocheted scarf, it's very easy single crochet.

On Thanksgiving I was very honored to win a prize along with 24 other writers for the best Thanksgiving lens (web page) on  If you want to, you can check it out here. I used the Amazon gift certificate to buy myself some 88%-off diamond earrings! Never had those, always wanted some... so there!

I can't express how satisfying it has been to write again. With a purpose. It just feels good. I'm slowly chipping away at putting all my crochet designs from countless handwritten notebooks into their own little web pages. It will probably take me the better part of a year, but then hopefully I'll have something to show for all the work.

I've actually been making short hops without the cane. Sometimes it goes well, others not so much. I think maybe it's time to start water therapy!

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