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Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Patterns, A Contest, Personal News & More!

WOW it has been a busy six weeks for me!  'm-I bad, I need to get busy blogging! Well, here I finally am with a little update on everything. I guess I'll focus on the things that have been keeping me crazy busy!

I recently found myself in a toy aisle looking at a Barbie doll and couldn't resist picking her up! She made me think of wonderful memories of my little girl and how she loved all her Barbie collection so. 

Then I remembered when I was a little girl, (When Barbie was young!) my mom would buy incredibly intricate hand crocheted or knitted Barbie outfits from an older neighbor lady down the street. I can still recall how thrilled I was when a new outfit would arrive!

I couldn't resist dressing up the Barbie! So I just published a new free pattern, it's an ensemble for Barbie! It includes a cutout neckline dress, a tote bag and a striped mobius scarf. If you know a little girl who loves Barbie, why not crochet this up for her for Christmas or a special birthday! Or... just because!


My beloved son John's wedding was on October 12! Most of our relatives and close friends live a couple of hours away in Kansas City, but just about every single one made the trip here for the festivities! I have gained an amazing daughter, Janette, and I know these two will be about the happiest couple ever! They've been together for two years and you can never wipe the smile off my son's face. He is just that happy! Here are the bride and groom.

Here's the happy couple, Janette and John

Me with our daugher Carianne and husband Ron
 getting ready to leave for the wedding!

This was our first dress-up picture in too many years! So much fun!

Now, back to crochet news... 

I'm working on a new potholder design that will be published next week. It's called the "Perky Penguin Potholder." Keep watching for it here

Ladybug rocking her Pretti-Pants!

Be sure and check out my newest for-sale crochet pattern here! My "PrettiPants" doggie outfit is designed with instructions to make it custom fit your pooch exactly! It's extremely comfortable for the dog to wear, and also discourages accidents in the house! It makes a great lightweight outfit for a cool Fall day, too. Ladybug looks so happy wearing her Pretti-Pants!


The winner will receive their choice of color of a set of three of my Angel Wing Scrubbies, along with their choice of a for-sale pattern from my Craftsy store!  All you need do to enter is leave a comment below!


As you may know, all sales of my patterns and for-sale objects directly benefit the vet fund of Sheila's Schnauzies Miniature Schnauzer Rescue, a nonprofit organization in Omaha, Nebraska. 

We have worked two major dog rescues in the last few weeks. The first was Cocoa Bear, a 14 week old puppy dying with Parvovirus and abandoned. We took him in, put him in the hospital, got him well, and found him a lovely forever home in Kansas City. You can check out Cocoa's hospital fundraiser here. I'd appreciate it if you could share that link with your dog-loving friends! 

Our second rescue was Izzy, a Cairn Terrier/Schnauzer mix, who was scheduled for the "needle" in one hour at a kill shelter in eastern Iowa when we found out about her. Thanks to a lot of effort by volunteers, we got Izzy pulled out of the kill shelter and transported back here to Omaha. SO happy to say she was adopted yesterday by a fantastic dog lady whom I've known for years. She is thrilled to have Izzy as part of her fur-family! Congratulations, Izzy. You deserve it, girl. 

Well, off to crochet... happy Autumn to everyone!

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jd said...

very sophisticated look for barbie! she'll get lots of attention! good job.
jd in st louis

Melissa said...

Love the Barbie clothes. Not sure I could do crocheting that small. Wonderful. mboykin

Melissa said...

Wonderful work. Excited about the contest.

sdlb said...

Still L©©King for the doggy pattern! *¿- wink chuckle Happy-happy

Crochetma said...

First, congratulations! The pup looks adorable in the new wrap. Love the nostalgia. Barbie looks terrific, nice job. Merry

Crochetma said...

First congratulations! Love the puppy wrap, so cute and it looks great. And of course, I totally get the Barbie nostalgia - lol. Love her outfit. Nice job.

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