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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Busy Designing Some Holiday Sparkle!

Around the holidays, my love for sparkle kicks into high gear! Whether it's decorating my home, the accessories I wear, or the crafts I make – they all have high sparkle factor!

I'm busy writing a tutorial on how to make my little "guardian angel" ornaments, which I make out of hand coiled copper wire and crystals. They are SO much fun and everyone loves them. I just found some amazing huge beads to use for the little angel heads and I can't wait to make some with them!

I've discovered my new "favorite" yarn, it's called Enchantment and it's in the Sensations line from JoAnn. It feels like the softest silk and is awesome to crochet with! It has a nice subtle sparkle that looks expensive, if you know what I mean – not gaudy, in other words. Just pretty. That's what my new crochet design that I'm working on is made with. What will it be? Hopefully if all goes well I'll be sharing the pattern in a couple of weeks.

I also think this yarn would make some beautiful doggie accessories for the furkids! If I have enough time, that design will be done and coming out just before Christmas. I promise you it will take no more than a couple of hours to crochet at most, so you'll have time to whip up one for your furkids! This yarn, by the way, also comes in silver and a neat hot pink, not pictured. I guess I'll have to pick up those colors too. I'm really bad about that – if I love a yarn, I have to have it in every color! I'm never sorry, though – it's wonderful to be able to go "yarn shopping" in my stash when I'm considering a new design.

Back in 2008, I designed this Poinsettia Fantasy Doily which always has a place of honor in my Christmas decorating. I will be including this pattern in my crochet pattern book, which is now hopefully going to get finished by early winter!

We are all in the midst of crocheting up wonderful gifts for our loved ones! Here's a free pattern your favorite guy might enjoy! It's a Men's Neckwarmer, super easy and fast to crochet. You can also read my article about it in SoCrafty Magazine here.

Just added a couple of new patterns to my for-sale pattern store! You can check them out here: My For-Sale Patterns At


Wishing you a happy week of crocheting all things beautiful!

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