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Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Hour At A Time...

I told a good friend today, who is going through tough times of a different sort than mine, "These are the times that we can only survive one hour at a time.  Anything more than that, we'd never make it."  And I was not kidding, either.  It's hard to be in pain and have to do things that violate doctor's orders (like bending over and picking up a 20# sick dog). Or mop up one accident after another from the floor.  (Yes, it is possible to mop with a walker. One skill I'll be happy to forget just as soon as I can!)  BUT as long as you do no harm to yourself, and you survive whatever the situation was, it does give you a very large feeling of accomplishment.  (Or is that Superwoman Syndrome?) 

Weather here was pretty today but we did have our first official freeze. So know what I did today? I equipped my walker and took it down the 3 little front steps and watered my front gardens. I really enjoyed it. There was no one here. Well Cari was, but she left before I came back in. I had my phone. No mishaps other than I overturned my walker right after I went out and had to retrieve it... no biggie. At least I didn't go with it. Everything is SO dry here. I just couldn't stand it any longer. Now that it's frozen, we're supposed to have pretty weather for at least another week. I'm at the point I wish it'd just hard freeze and be done with it so I can quit worrying for the winter. They can't be too dry going into winter, stuff will die. 

I go to the doctor Monday afternoon for staple removal. Oh goodie, can't wait. Staples are absolute torture for me, especially after the last time when it went too many days. It hurt like a SOB.  Like, I was bawling. Anyway after the staples are out, the good part of healing starts, and I'll get better and better. I still am pinching myself that it's really done. 

Ladybug is so much better, improving and getting stronger every day!  Unfortunately Koby now has what she had, and is in very bad shape, in the not-eating phase.  I've spent the better part of the day feeding him a liquid food mixture with an eyedropper. At least he is accepting that, thank goodness.  

Who says you can't be post-op and care for two sick schnauzers? Check out this photo. I just had to snap it. Koby was a terrible mess when he woke up, and I had to give him a bath in the kitchen sink. Here he is post-bath, curled up on my walker, off to the living room to be dried on the footstool in front of my chair.   He is such a good boy.  You can make anything work if you have to! 

And here is Miss Ladybug, who thought it would be helpful if she sat on Koby's back to help dry him off! (Lucky she is very light!)

I'm gonna run now, time to feed the furboy again. I'm doing about every 90 minutes. I have to give him insulin at 2 am, then we are going to catch a nap.  Goodnight, world. 

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