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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Off To Be Tortured...

Dear God,
I hate the dentist. It's nothing personal. He's the nicest guy. I just can't understand why, in Your infinite wisdom, you created the human with teeth that have the ability to develop nasty things despite our best efforts - like periodontal disease, cavities, and heaven knows what else.  Just letting you know.  --Amen.

The good news, I'm not going to lose my teeth anytime soon.

The bad news - in order to achieve that, I have to undergo root planing again. I also have to have my old fillings removed and redone because they developed cavities under the fillings! Who knew that could happen.  So I have four visits ahead of me, at a total cost of over $1600.  Thank God I have dental insurance, won't have to pay all of that.

After that fun adventure, I get to go to Mr. Hematologist to see if he in HIS infinite wisdom will this time allow me to proceed with my hip surgery! Kinda a big deal, really.  I've got everything I can cross crossed.

And if all that is not enough fun for one day, have to take my son to the consult to get his wisdom teeth taken out before his insurance runs out the end of the month. We're cutting it a bit close, he's getting it done the 31st late in the day! At least he is able to get it done. The one thing I like about what Obama did with health care is that my kids' insurance coverage was reinstated until they turn 26 (which John just did). I hate what he did with the HSA accounts where you can't buy OTC meds, supplies, etc. without a prescription. We spend a small fortune on that stuff.  Sigh...

No plans for this evening other than to relax. I'm on cooking strike for sure. I made chicken fried steak dinner last night with potato pancakes, gravy, everything... and unfortunately I ate it. That reminds me, better thaw out some soup for tonight!!

Hope anybody stopping by has a great day!

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