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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why The Chicken Potholder Isn't Crossing The Road...

I'm not sure why. Not that it's going to be that tough of a design project. There's going to be a rooster and an egg but that's as far as I've gotten.  Spending the weekend with my sister, who collects chicken objects, I have rooster inspiration all around me and I've taken pics of them all.  Now if I could only get an IDEA!! Worse yet. This potholder is owed to an exchange partner and its now officially late! This puppy had better hatch soon or a certain lady will be mad as a wet hen!! And now we''re gonna cross the road... Here's my best inspiration so far...I


I've been designing a lot of jewelry lately. Here are a couple of my latest pieces....

This freeform wire crystal and gemstone bracelet is for sale just ask!

Perhaps a crocheted earring and pendant? Check it out at

Here's my little girl Ladybug enjoying vacay at auntie's house... Me too!

Friday, August 2, 2013

July's Giveaway Winner! New August Giveaway! And Uh-Oh... She's Mixing Media Again!

Ha ha... not that much of a mix really, just jewelry & crochet! I had a lot of fun designing the new pattern for my Flower Sparkle Earrings & Pendant Set this past week. You can get that free pattern here. The earrings have only two rounds! You can make them up in about an hour or less and be ready with earrings for your new outfit (or an oldie but goodie!)

Flower Sparkle Earrings & Pendant Set
Taking my crochet on the road this week, planning a trip to KC to visit my BFF and my sister. Taking Ladybug with us, the other two furkids get to stay with my dog trainer friend for a little "staycation." They will hate it, but I can't take all three with us where we're going.

I have a new pattern in mind to design while I'm on the road. As with a lot of my crocheting, it's intended to solve a problem. I have added a few dresses to my wardrobe this summer and while I adore them, some of them have what I call an "overshare neckline!" What to do... anytime you try to pin something shut it always shows. So I'm designing a solution that will work with all the dresses.

Also have a fun design on my hook now, it's a new potholder and I'll keep it a surprise until I get it finished.

We finally received some much needed rain last night. All this watering I've been having to do has been taking up all my free time!

Very pleased to announce that July's Giveaway winner is CrochetMa!!

August's Giveaway winner will receive their choice of any two patterns from my for-sale pattern site at! Good luck - all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below!

Happy crocheting, everybody.

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