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Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Post!

Well here 'tis, my first blog - a new year's resolution I suppose. Today's Saturday. The DH is at the office checking mail. I'm working on updating all kinds of stuff for my miniature schnauzer rescue - today was posting a new video on YouTube of the eight schnauzers eating dinner. Fun!

Bad pain morning. On top of that I got bitten by Harry last night, a bad one on the thumb while doing his haircut. Other than that, my glasses are out of adjustment and they hurt my nose. Waaahhhh.

We are going on a "road trip" to see the St Francis River as soon as he gets home. That should be fun, supposed to be a clearwater trout stream. Ahhh. fishing. Can't wait!

Yesterday finished the third new crochet dog sweater design of the group i've been working on. I think it's about time to put the book together of the patterns from the last year!

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