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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Exploring New Territory!

I feel as though I have stepped through the looking glass and I'm looking around at new territory like a new puppy testing how grass feels for the first time.  I... am... getting... BETTER!

Baby Emma, a pup we fostered long ago, exploring,
 tail up, girl on a mission...  Yup, that's me!

I posted on Facebook awhile ago that I just don't know how to act! I went through two years of sheer pain hell with two hips destroyed totally by degenerative arthritis. It caused undescribable pain. I could no longer bear to walk unsupported, and therefore learned to survive on a walker.  I crawled around in my house, unable to do much of anything except crochet, make a few pieces of jewelry, and write.  Oh, and wait for the next dose of pain meds that wouldn't do anything except take the edge off the pain.

I went to numerous surgeons seeking help, only to be denied time after time because I was too "high risk." The last surgeon who turned me down said, "Don't you get it, you could DIE?" And I replied to him, "It doesn't matter.. because as it stands I'm dead right now."

Dr, Morrison
My Hero
Miraculously Dr. Michael Morrison of Omaha Orthopedic took on my case. When I first met him, the first thing I said was, "I need you to be my hero.  Can you do that?"

Careful? Oh yeah. Many hoops to jump through, medical clearances from various specialists to be obtained... it took forever. But in March 2011 he replaced my first (right) hip. I sailed through the procedure with zero complications. It took six long months before I was medically cleared to have the second hip (left) replaced, which was done in October 2011, the day after my birthday!  Again, I sailed through it.

And yesterday, November 20, 2011, I was released. Cleared. Given the go-ahead to pursue life with a few restrictions.  Free. Come back in a year. So surprised I nearly burst into tears, and I wanted to jump up and down as I left! My girlfriend Heidi had come along with me since she stopped over to visit just as I was leaving for the appointment. She was all happy with me! People who have seen me go through this get it. They know what this means.

Now, I have to decide what to do with myself! Yes, I still have back problems and I still have Myasthenia Gravis and both are disabling.  But the blinding pain, that was with me every single step, is gone.

I have weeks of rehabbing this new hip ahead of me, going to be starting water therapy soon, and I only just graduated to a cane. My huge goal is to someday ditch the cane too. That would be a miracle!

I haven't ventured out into the world very much this time around.  I managed to pick up the local sore throat/respiratory virus going around, and still fighting with that. So I am contenting myself right now with staying in, trying to get better, and crocheting up a storm. I'm making gemstone earrings at the same time. The first pair is pearl and moonstone, the second pair is blue goldstone and sterling. They're up for sale in my Etsy store now. I have everything I need right here in my little "corner of the world." The only thing I'm missing is a coffee pot... I do have to get up for that!


This afternoon brought a surprise... I let all the dogs in from the back yard awhile ago and Susie had something suspicious looking in her mouth. She went by so quickly I wasn't sure... but when I followed her to the couch, she had esconsced herself there with her trophy, one of the brown squirrels from our yard! Ewwww... I gingerly took hold of its tail and removed him to the front porch, where he awaits a proper burial when my DH gets home!  Sue-Sue 1, Squirrel 0.  I really hate that. Two of the girls, Susie and Winnie, are fast enough to compete with them but this is the first time to my knowledge Sue has caught one. We are in near-woods here, and we have a zillion squirrels. A couple of them like to tease the dogs on the back fence. Sigh... gotta love nature. I took a pic of the squirrel on the porch but I just don't have the heart to put it in here and have to look at him. Delete.

The chores are almost done and I'm planning to spend the afternoon crocheting. I started an afghan awhile back and as sometimes happens, it occurred to me it would make a great vest! I need a brown vest, so I went for it. I can always do another afghan later, right? It's a bit crazy and colorful, but you know I love both so it's all good. I am almost done with the back half, going to start the front half this afternoon. I'm planning to make it seamless like the last one I made, but it's totally a different design. It's "groovy." 

No dinner plans, not cooking, not feelin' it. SO there you have it... my squirrelly day.

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