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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SO Excited About The New Crochet Coffee Shoppe!

Let's get one thing straight off the get-go – online crochet groups are THE single best resource for crocheters to talk to each other! I have one myself, in fact, called Crochet With Sheila. But there's always one "taboo" subject on such groups – you don't promote your own work or designs unless you are offering them for free. If you're an "indie" designer like I am, that presents a bit of a challenge!

Free is a great thing! It's a fabulous way to promote your work to a lot of crocheters and it feels amazing to share. I will always offer patterns – and lots of them – free! But let's say I have a new pattern which took me weeks (or months) to design, and I really want to sell that one. Where do I go to promote it? If there's a place, I've never found it. So I decided to create that place myself!

It's called the "Crochet Coffee Shoppe," and it's one place where you can say "Hey, here I am, and I have this great pattern for sale!" Or, "I just crocheted this amazing afghan for a gift and decided to give them something else, so I want to sell it." Or you can post a question to the "Ask Sheila" section. Or you can watch a YouTube tutorial to learn to crochet or pick up a new stitch for you repertoire!

You can also say things there like "Here's this great free pattern link I just found." Or, "Look at this amazing crochet blog." You can offer to crochet for cash, make custom items for people... whatever!

At the Crochet Coffee Shoppe you will find links to thousands of free patterns from known sites, and you can ADD your favorite link! You'll get news on the latest sales at your favorite yarn retailers. And perhaps best of all, a link to my other new page, the "Crochet Shoppe Classifieds," where you can post FREE crochet related classified ads!

I'm very excited about this new site, can you tell? Please come by for a visit here. Bookmark it to come back again, because the site will be constantly updating! And please leave any suggestions for anything you'd like to see there in the "Suggestions" section. I want to give you what YOU want!

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