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Sunday, August 7, 2011

OK... It's a Mulligan!

(As my husband would say in golf terms for a "do-over!"  I started this once before; apparently the plants were not in correct alignment and I just got lost wandering behind the little critters in southeast Missouri for four years (just kidding!!) But seriously, health issues and a lot of stuff managed to keep me pretty much limited to taking care of the furkids and the family. We were there for four years; I loved it and hated it all the same time.  Those stories can be read elsewhere... suffice it to say, let's jump to NOW.

At midnight, it will be seven days until my hip replacement surgery on the LEFT hip.  I just had the right one done in March with faboo results.  Sadly, the left one got sick of being the strong one during that rehab and decided to... quit. It was originally scheduled for about a month ago but had to be delayed for medical reasons. 

So I'm getting all my little ducks lined up in a row here so that when I get home (and am bored to death) I can jump on here, blog away, and bore YOU to death (ha ha). Seriously the seven miniature schnauzers always insure plenty is going on at all times.  

Back to what I first mentioned about the old blog -- I am not deleting the ancient posts until I have opportunity to archive them, so that's why they are still here.  

Another thing I want to mention is that I am trying to combine a lot of things together. For instance, my newly redone (and under construction always) website,, takes the place of my crochet site, my miniature schnauzer rescue site, and other personal sites. That is IT.  You can just go there and jump to different sections depending on your interest now.  

Same thing with this blog. I'm not even going to try to carry blogs for three separate subjects. That means this is the same blog that covers my crochet and schnauzers, and keeps my family and friends up to date. So things will overlap.  We'll see how it goes.  

Take care, hope you had a great weekend, and hope to see you soon! Please sign my guestbook, feel free to do the RSS thing, go visit the website, whatever... you are welcome!

Hugs, -Sheila

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