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Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Reversible Scarf, Slippers, Holiday Crocheting!

It's late evening and I'm doing another marathon gift-making session! I've had so much fun this week making special things for the ones I love! While I was at it, I made myself pattern everything up rather than just crocheting fast. I'm glad I did, because I really love how some of the things turned out!

One of my new patterns is the Reversible Windowpane Scarf & Headband Set. It is a blast to crochet in fun yarns like Riot Eyelash Sparkle and Enchantment sequin yarn. I did it in turquoise and red – an odd combination but I've been seeing it everywhere and loved it.  A few people on my gift list may be getting these in their favorite colors.

The front side of the Windowpane Headband... 
And the reverse

Another new pattern from last night results from my husband's request for new crocheted slippers. His mother, God rest, made everyone in the family these amazing slippers almost every year. She knitted hers and they were thick, cushy and wonderful. Well, he finally wore his pair out. I had just picked up some of Lion Brand's Hometown yarn and decided to make them out of that. I crocheted one entire shoe, then ran out of yarn. I'm glad about that, because at that point I decided to make a pair of slippers for myself. I did mine in Buttercup baby yarn (If you have not felt that yarn, you must!) I loved how they turned out and they feel amazing!

My husband's slipper in progress... all finished now and he loves them

My slippers

Well, dear husband saw my new slippers and said "Hey, why didn't you make mine like that?" Okey-dokey then! Off to the store to pick up more yarn. Tonight I'm frogging his first shoe and remaking him a pair like mine. I'll put up a pic when they're done. Here are mine. Let me take this opportunity to show you what happens when you mix die lots on yarn! I glanced the yarn in the store, said yep that's the color. Got it home and yes it was the color, but a vastly different shade! You can see that in the pictures. Since they're just for me, I don't care. The yarn I had started with, I'd purchased last year or the year before. Dye lot really does make a difference!  My feet do not care if there is a shade difference and believe me, with it 16º here right now, they are very happy in them!  As soon as I get time to write up the pattern, I will.

We received some very bad news from Scrappy the Schnauzer's lab cultures. He has Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA). They changed his antibiotic last week and the last couple of days he is worsening. We go back to the vet tomorrow when they will put him on an antibiotic that kills MRSA. She said I may have to give him antibiotic injections depending which drug they go with. This boy needs some relief. He is such a sweet baby and puts up with everything I do to him - warm compresses on his face several times a day, cleaning his nose, and so on. Thank God he has a great appetite and drinks tons of water. He also enjoys eating snow - I think the cold snow helps clear out his nose and throat. Your good thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. The fundraiser link for his vet bills appears in the previous blog entry if you'd like to share it with your friends.

I did manage to decorate my Christmas tree this afternoon! It was a lovely time, my son dropped by for a surprise visit and we had a great chat while I hung ornaments. One of those picture-perfect moments you treasure.

Well, off to do something completely different - need to crochet a couple of snowflakes! Happy crocheting to you all!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Win Or Buy My Ultimate Decadent Luxury Scarf! New Holiday Patterns! Blog Winner... New Giveaway!

A Sneak Preview Gift Holiday Pattern For You And A Chance To Win My Crocheted Doily! 
Greetings to all my fellow crocheters!! I have a special gift for you, a brand new doily pattern for Christmas 2013! It's the Christmas Candy Cane Doily. You are the first ones to hear about it, it was just published today! 

Christmas Candy Canes Doily

WIN The Design Prototype of the Christmas Candy Canes Doily!!! 
The doily described above - win the actual doily!! Paypal a donation to with the word Scrappy in the notes (minimum $25). (See reason for Scrappy's fundraiser below). Winner will be drawn on Wednesday, December 18, and will receive their doily later that week in time for Christmas! 

 A New Twist On An Old Favorite! 
I crocheted up a variation of the old Magic Potholder pattern. Added what I think is a unique border using Bernat Handicrafter in their holiday variegate. I haven't published a pattern for the border yet, but here's how I did it: 

SC in border of potholder. Ch 2, go backward and SC in ch 2 space just made. SC in border where hook falls next. Super fast edging and I think the little points are cute! 

Magic Potholder With New Border Design

New 2013 Snowflake Patterns! 
I have two new Snowflake designs for you this holiday season! They are the Hexagon Snowflake and the Dancing Angels Snowflake. I hope you will enjoy them! 

Hexagon Snowflake
Dancing Angels Snowflake

Dancing Angels Snowflake in size 80 thread with crystals - for brooch

Dancing Angels Snowflake in Size 10 Gold & Silver With Crystals
November Blog Winner & December Contest!
Congratulations to JD from St. Louis, who is the winner of the November Blog Giveaway! 

For December, the contest will be to win any pattern from my site plus your choice of the crocheted Hexagon Snowflake or Dancing Angels Snowflake. 

As many of you know, I donate about 95% of my crochet design patterns and publish them free online. (Here's an index!) I sell some of my patterns (see Craftsy link below) and all my handmade jewelry and crochet creations,  along with using my own money to support the vet expenses of our Miniature Schnauzer Rescue, Sheila's Schnauzies.(link below). Two of our Schnauzer fur kids, Sue and Ladybug, are rescues. Scrappy Jack is our 11 year old Miniature Schnauzer who we've had since he was a baby puppy. 

My Scrappy Jack, Battling Cellulitis & Respiratory Infection
Scrappy had to have 13 teeth removed the day before Thanksgiving and came down with a serious Cellulitis and respiratory infection that he is still battling. His dental surgery and treatment for the infection have run up a vet bill of over $600 so far (not covered by his preventive plan) and treatment is still ongoing. He will need another procedure this Friday to culture to determine what antibiotic would work best - another $80 plus more medications. 

Get My Ultimate Decadent Luxury Mobius Scarf Just $49!
To help with Scrappy's vet expenses, I'm offering a special hand crocheted item (by me!) It's my Ultimate Decadent Mobius Scarf. Guaranteed to keep you toasty warm while feeling silky soft against your skin! It is created with three different premium yarns together in your choice of color theme. I'm even offering free shipping anywhere in the US! Some examples of my scarves are attached. You will have your own unique creation that you'll enjoy for years to come in virtually any color theme! If you'd like to get your own special scarf, just email me back! I accept Paypal or any major credit card, or checks/money orders.

WIN The Ultimate Decadent Luxury Mobius Scarf!
The same scarf described above - win it!! Paypal a donation to with the word Scrappy in the notes (minimum $10). Winner will be drawn on Monday, December 23! Winner will receive their scarf the first week of January. 

My friends, I am humbled to need to ask for your help to help our Scrappy - just share this link to Scrappy's GiveForward fundraiser with your friends. The well is dry. You can make a difference just by sharing! 

There are other ways you and your friends can help - if you're looking for the perfect holiday gift, check out my jewelry creations here.

Thanks so much! Holiday blessings to you and yours, 
– Sheila

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