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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday - The Suspense Builds!

Arrrgggghhh!! The internist is arguing with the specialist and between the two of them, I may not get cleared in time for Monday's surgery.  I may have to reschedule this puppy again.   C'mon guys, I just need a new hip... really! 

My granddog, Winnie, takes a turn at the scales with Heidi

Koby was a little sleepy this morning, seems fine now tho. He ate a good breakfast for me.  Yesterday I was sure that his tummy felt a little heavier - maybe he IS gaining weight back! Heidi may come over while I have IvIG today and I may get her to weigh all the kids again.  That was hysterical the last time - every dog lined up when she brought the scales into the living room and wanted to be weighed!! It looked like a little doggie Weight Watchers meeting, I swear!

It is another gorgeous day out, if I so much as step out there I'll want to stay out all day! No time for that, I'm afraid.  I have been doing some "easy gardening," things like snapping off sedum stems and starting new plants by sticking them here and there in the flowerbeds.  Last night I gave the honeysuckle a much needed haircut and discovered there is NOT a clematis under there anymore. Darn!  I would love to ask my neighbors for cuttings of their clematis vines, they have some amazingly beautiful ones.   Yah - I'll put that right on the to-do list! 

Have an amazing day!

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