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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happiest Halloween In A Long Time!

Next to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I think Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays.  I love it all, from the candy corn to the ghost stories, scary music, and tiny trick-or-treaters in little princess costumes.  It's just too much! 

Last year I spent my Halloween in the hospital (ugh!).  I was really disappointed, so much in fact that I made a foray to the hospital gift shop and bought candy to give out to the nurses! I also bought a little fuzzy spider headband so I could "dress up."  

This year was much more fun! Although I'm not walking real well yet, I was able to do some basic dress-up which was fun - Halloween gives me an excuse to wear my makeup the way I really want to, LOL!! Just kidding... 

Anyway here is my costume for this year.  You know where it went? To the surgeon's for a followup appointment (I think he really liked it!) and to the grocery store  to pick up a few things for dinner. 

I never could decide if I was a she-devil (with the horns) or a pet psychic (ditch the horns, add dog collar!)  Anyway I had fun! My 24 year old daughter scoffed at my suggestion she dress up... reminding me of her advanced age! I told her in 25 years she'd be my age and hopefully having a lot more fun!  I refuse to grow up and be a dignified senior citizen! Nah. 

Several of my furkids got in on the act, too.  Here are the three girls - SueSue, Winnie and Ladybug, all dressed up in their costumes. Following that is my little blind Koby, dressed up in the Ladybug outfit! He knew something special was going on, and darned if he didn't camp out by the front door with me to hand out candy! He was a total angel the whole time and never barked or left my side.  I adore Koby. My other helper was Ladybug, who curiously greeted everyone but barked at no one. She was fabulous. The other two were relegated to their rooms for barking violations after the first couple doorbells. 

We had 13 trick or treaters in all - just a nice number without being overwhelmed. Ron reminded me I had no trick or treaters the whole four years we lived down on the farm. So this was a whole different Halloween for a change. 

The other day, I DVR'd all the old Roseanne Halloween episodes, and spent an afternoon yesterday watching all of them. Her Halloween episodes still kill me.  

Well, lots more to tell but I'm so sleepy I can't hold my eyes open - so will sign off for now. 'Night everyone!

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