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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Working On Some Fun Things For You!

This morning, I am going in for cancer surgery on my face for Melanoma. I'll be writing an article about it after I'm done. I would really appreciate my readers' good thoughts and or prayers! But before I go, here's all the latest!

UPDATE:  I am home now, the surgery went well, and now I'm starting the recovery process.

I've been working on a series of Angel Wing household helpers, they are so much fun to crochet! So far there's the Angel Wing Potholder, which is designed to fit your hand... The Angel Wing Face Scrubbie, and my newest design in the series which is coming out this week is the Angel Wing Dishcloth with a handy hand strap.


I also love to make jewelry for fun... Here's my latest creation. It's an Arthritis ring made of copper wire and hematites. I have CPPD arthritis in my hands and fingers and I get a lot of relief from wearing these fun rings.

Two of my Schnauzers, Scrappy Jack and SueSue, get to get the spa treatment this week! I've always cut all my dogs' hair for at least the past 12 years so this is a treat for me. I hope they enjoy it!  Ladybug already had her haircut a couple weeks ago.

Well, here I go... happy crocheting to all!

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