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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming....

I'm one very frustrated little person right now. I can say with absolute certainty that the one thing you do NOT want to do eight days after a hip replacement is break up a dog fight at 1:30 a.m. It is not a good idea, it will not end well, and there will be consequences. I was up being insomniac and decided to fix myself a cup of coffee. Then I decided to put the dogs all out for a quick last potty before bedtime. At the same time, Cari had just come in for the night and thankfully was still up. Not even half a minute after letting them out, I heard the fight break out. Not a fight, an outright attack. SueSue had decided to again attack poor tiny defenseless Ladybug, who is just getting a bit stronger after being very seriously ill.  This was the fourth such attack in the last two months. I thought for sure I had corrected the problem with Sue the last time, as it had been several weeks since the last attack. I guess not. It was just pure reaction, somehow I was out the back door onto the patio, pulled Sue off of Ladybug, put her in the back door, grabbed Ladybug, and then froze at the back door as I realized I didn't have my walker! Apparently I'd abandoned it in the kitchen when I flew into action. I managed to violate three major rules - no lifting, no bending, and no weight bearing - all within about 15 seconds. Nice.

Sue had to go into the kennel for the night and Cari brought Ladybug in to me to check out. It appears now she has some type of injury to her front little foot.

All this happened to begin with because I couldn't sleep. I woke up two hours after going to bed with my hip hurting. The actual incision started stinging and hurting this afternoon while I was out going to my neurologist appointment. Yes, it's red and ticked off on the whole lower third. Probably infected. I have to call the surgeon about that in the morning.

The good news from the neuro was that we can discontinue IVIG transfusions for a while and give my veins a rest. We are going to try some other treatments instead and see how they go.

I just finished my striped vest a few minutes ago. It looks too small to me. If it actually fits I'll probably faint. At any rate, I do like the design. Horizontal stripes in back and vertical in front. Pictures soon! All in grays/blacks/whites with sequins here and there.

Well, off to bed before anything else goes wrong! Night to the world.

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