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Monday, March 11, 2013

Nothing Like A Challenging Design To Help Me Recover!

I've been working on my new Four Leaf Clover Doily for over two weeks now! That seems a long time for a design for me... I went through and discarded three "rough drafts" before I started crocheting the final design. It just wasn't "singing to me." I was after two different objectives. First off, I had done an individual shamrock design last year for St. Patrick's Day. On the pattern's web page, I asked in a poll whether my readers wanted to see a doily made incorporating the shamrocks... yes. they did. So that was one important factor. Secondly, I wanted the shamrocks to be realistic. Real shamrock plants bloom! Different varieties of shamrock plants have different colored blooms ranging everywhere from white to red.  So I had to design a realistic looking shamrock flower and incorporate that in the design too. So that's what all took me so long to figure out!

But I'm happy with my design, and I'm busily crocheting the very last round right now! (That is, after I finish cooking and eating dinner - kinda hungry!)

Anyway, here is a sneak peek at my WIP of the Four Leaf Clover Doily, which will be published later on this week in SoCrafty Magazine.

We had a bit of a surprise snowstorm yesterday and I had quite a lovely day going through my crochet chest. It's where I keep all of my "special" crochet things. Prized hooks, thread, unfinished WIPs, you name it. I ended up getting it all pretty organized, and it kept my mind occupied through an otherwise kind of rough knee day. It was fun watching all the snow fall, especially since they had only called for an inch or so. We ended up with over 8" in our part of town. My poor husband was out at 10 pm clearing the walks and driveway so he could get out this morning.  Here is a picture of my crochet hook collection, all sorted in order! (Wow, like that will ever happen again!) And just for fun, a picture of the snowstorm view I enjoyed out my window.

The metal and acrylics will all be for sale, leave me a note if you're interested! Can you tell I love Clover Soft Touch?

Hope you have an evening of enjoyable crocheting ahead! – Sheila

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