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Friday, September 6, 2013

Dog Days of Summer... And Crochet To Suit!!

In the words of Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam..." "It's hot... How hot? Da*n Hot!!" As it's going to be another few days of high 90's here in Omaha, I couldn't agree more! We've had it pretty easy this summer, so I guess I shouldn't complain... I'm just tired of watering almost an acre of flower gardens every day! Waahhhh!

To cope and protect myself from the scorching heat, I have lots of hats to wear. My favorite is the custom fit sun hat I designed awhile back, but my husband gave me his new lightweight cotton floppy hat and I adore it! Only problem is, it's got two big golf logos on it! I refuse to rock the golf thing so crochet to the rescue!

In all the years I've been crocheting and designing, I've accumulated a lot of little thread flower motifs. I've saved every false start, leaf, flower motif, starts of doilies unfinished, you name it. 

I love my new flowery hat now! 

So my recent project was to arrange all these crocheted flowers on my hat, tack them on with invisible thread and make a whole new creation! I hope my free tutorial will give you all some fun ideas!! If you don't have any thread objects around, I have lots of free patterns for them. 

In other news, just completed our latest dog rescue of a tiny 8 lb Miniature Schnauzer i named Shyla. Happy to announce she's now in an amazing forever home and has a new name, Jozie. 

Click Here To Arrange Your DogVacay!

I just signed up as a doggie care provider with! I'll be watching my first clients this weekend! What a great way to earn a few bucks to support our rescue's $135/month doggie HMO bill at Banfield!! If you're near Omaha and need a great place to board your dog, search for Sheila Schnauzies at!

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