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Friday, September 2, 2011

To Sleep, Perchance To... Have Another Episode of the Nightmare?

I have always found dreams to be really fascinating, have even written them down here and there over the years. Right now I'm in the middle of a "theme" nightmare. At first I thought it was an episodic, or serial nightmare. But no. As I just discovered, when I awoke at 3:50 a.m. for the third consecutive day, it's definitely a theme. And the theme is lost, scared, and out of control.  Now, having had my surgery cancelled three times in a row and enduring a lot of pain feels something like that, so I'm not too surprised. Just my jumble of emotions working their way out through dreams. If you don't find weird dreams interesting, bag it right here and move on... because I'm going to journal them HERE. (How's that for brave, huh?)

The first dream two nights ago involved getting into my car as a young teenager to go home. But I kept going in and out of consciousness (in the dream) and the car would't work right. After going through a few scary places, I finally found a UP caboose car in a well lighted parking lot with lots of people around. I crawled myself in there and got help. After figuring out I'd been kidnapped and drugged, I woke up.

Dream two picked up where dream one left off.  The people who were helping me were also helping a little girl who had gone through the same thing as me. She had a cute little dog. During the process of helping her, I started having recall flashes of things that had happened to me. Then it went on into lawyers, DNA tests, and ended with me having dinner with my new attorney in an abandoned picnic shelter.

Dream three - I was driving to a meeting with Martha Stewart to make some type of pitch to her about the rescue. (Think Martha Stewart Pets!)  Martha Stewart's Pet Research/Product Testing facility! The inside was entirely sloped floors and I couldn't stand up anywhere. It was some type of adoption day and there were hundreds of dogs and people there. Lots of sliding around on muddy floors, never quite falling down but totally out of control.  At the end I learned it was in Jefferson City, MO. When I went outside, there was a tornado touching down next to the building and I was leaving on a bicycle.   All I know is that earlier that day I'd been looking at Martha Stewart's line of doggie outfits at Petsmart! That'll teach me...

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