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Friday, November 22, 2013

It Snowed! Great Day To Crochet A Snowflake!

The late morning sun is setting off a thousand sparkles on the snowy yard out my window! We had our first snowfall of the season last night. Actually it started out as an ice storm, which is very bad. I'm hoping the roads are better when I venture out later on today! Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the view from indoors while I crochet some snowflakes for holiday gifts!

I just published my latest design, the "Dancing Angels Snowflake." It works up very quickly, having only four rounds! It's prettier if you can add some crystal beads as I did. I worked this up in several sizes of thread. Did one up in sewing thread with crystals to make a pretty pin. Thought I'd go blind in the process! One of those is enough. In size 10 thread it works up around 3.5" size. I really recommend doing it in three colors because it makes the angels stand out more.

Still plotting and scheming on my design for my special 2013 snowflake. I try to design one really special one each year, then give it to my special folks for Christmas. Right now - haven't a clue!

Are you crocheting snowflakes for holiday gifts this year? Or perhaps potholders? You might enjoy doing this one.

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