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Monday, November 7, 2011

Just A Darn Happy Day!

Do you ever just "wake up good?" I have had one of those mornings so far. The coffee was great, the dogs are behaving, my daughter was cleaning when I woke up... what a treat! (If you can imagine seven Miniature Schnauzers trotting in and out to the back yard full of leaves and twigs about 10 times a day, it's a full time job cleaning up after what they track in!)

I have a project on my crochet hook that's really going well so far, I'm waiting for several packages in the mail from doing my shopping online the other day and a few things from ebay... so the rest of the day should be fun too! Online shopping has really made life a lot easier, hasn't it? When you're recovering from a big surgery and going out is a production, it's a lifesaver.

There are some times it works really well, but some things - like shopping for new yarns  for a project - you can't do except in person. There's nothing like going back and forth down the yarn aisles, picking out this yarn and that and putting them together in groups in the basket, seeing how they interact. Can you tell I love yarn shopping? It's one of my 10 favorite things in life, for sure. SO, I need to do a yarn trip. Just not sure that I'm quite strong enough yet. Maybe I could compromise and cut my time down to say, 15 minutes or so. Hmmm. Now to find a willing patsy to go along with me! I'll have to work on that.

My White Yarn Basket's A Bit Low!

I did get my husband to take me to the shoe store Friday night, and that was just FUN. He is a really great shoe shopper! He has a way of finding things that work. So I scored some winter boots for less than $20 and another pair of blue shoes (I don't own any blue shoes!) I did not find what I was actually looking for, but yesterday I found a 50% off deal on the perfect pair I was looking for online, with free shipping no less! So those are on the way.

Then I managed to go into Sephora for a few minutes and play in the makeup eye candy! I kept myself down to just two items, I was proud of myself:)  I hadn't been "real world" shopping for ages, and it was just fun.

Had a big treat last week, with an unexpected visitor! My son John had a friend Justin growing up in Papillion and he was one of "my kids," over all the time.  A while back, my daughter Cari handed me her phone and said, "talk!" Turned out there was Justin, all grown up and a soldier in Iraq jumping out of planes! What a neat surprise. Well, Justin came home from Iraq recently and though stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC, he is spending some leave time back home in Omaha.  So he was my surprise visitor! Here is a picture of him (on the right) with John, reunited for the first time in many years.  So, it's neat that Cari is hanging out with him.  I've always loved Justin.

I was planning to write my blog today about the new afghan I just finished, the "Decadent Indulgence Afghan." So named because I chose each yarn for its feel.  I think I'll just refer you to its web page, where I wrote all about it.  Now I've started on a new project, the "Half Square Afghan," and I can't wait to get that finished and the pattern out on the web! I really like sharing free patterns. It's wonderful how crocheters and knitters share their work on the web. You can get lost for hours just gazing at all the eye candy. 

Sue-Sue Schnauzer test naps my afghan while still in progress. She looks as though she's 
about to fall off of the footstool!  She supervises all my work.

Well, I'd better get this finished, my Koby Moo-Moo Schnauzer is woo-wooing in his kennel, which means "Mom, I'm done with breakfast and my nap, get me outta here!"  Enjoy your day, everyone!

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