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Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in Club Med

I have this thing called a Port. It's like a central line that goes to your heart. Nice thing to have if you have lousy veins and have to have IV meds all the time... Which I do. Well, about ten days ago the opening to it got infected. In the hospital twice for it. Iv antibiotics all week at home. Then I got this phone call today, the culture results came in
And I'm growing pseudomonas in the actual line. Thats bad. Doctor said the antibiotic I was on won't kill it, so get my fanny in to have different antibiotics and surgery to remove the port. Not what I planned but I kind of suspected that's what was going to happen.

I came in about 4 pm, having run out for Koby schnauzer's prescription food and gotten everything done that I could at the house.

It was all going well until they started to put me on monitors. I have this problem with being tied down to a bed to do with being trapped. I saw no reason for it so I objected. My wonderful nurse called the doc and made the bad monitor go away. So I went out for a walk and I was fine. Had a nice dinner about an hour ago and now I'm officially on nothing to eat/drink. Don't mind that too much. I'm outside right now and it's a gorgeous perfect night.

I guess my family thinks I'm some tough cookie. Lately I drive myself to the hospital, see no one, and drive myself home. I guess that's ok. Well, maybe just the tiniest pity party... Why does no one seem to think this is s big scary deal... Which it actually is, this time. I'm just feeling a bit scared and alone right now. Oh well, woman-up... It'll be over soon. Then I can drive home port-free, firing up a Camel and blasting 'Moves Like Jagger' (I LOVE that song right now!!!) not so much the words but the music.

Well kids, that's it for now. Back inside to do what needs doing.

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