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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tomorrow... NOT the day I had planned!

Well, no 7 am surgery... so what WILL I do tomorrow? Who knows.  In a way I'm glad to have a reprieve. Although this morning when I woke up with my hip screaming I thought otherwise for awhile.

Finally got some inspiration this morning on the latest doily project, "A Different Rose," which I am designing as a crochet along for my online crochet group. Now to get it written up and posted on the group.

Made my favorite dinner today, baked mushroom steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Also baked a chocolate cake with chocolate chips and made homemade frosting for it, I kind of invented it as I went and I think I'll call it truffle frosting. I usually do cream cheese and butter frosting. This time I wanted chocolate but not cocoa. So I dug out a big Ghiradelli baking bar I had on hand. Melted it with butter and a little whipped cream (turns out, that's how you make truffles!). Then mixed that into the butter/cream cheese. Turned out beautiful and pretty tasty too. One to write down for sure.

I only have one gripe about today:  The freakin' PGA should be BANNED from television!! OK, maybe just from MY television. Twelve HOURS of it today. Thought I would lose my freakin' mind.  I cooked, I did dishes, laundry, anything just to stay out of earsight of it!

So here I am, 11 pm, have just completed almost an hour of "real" TV whilst enjoying a piece of my cake and some animal crackers. Have I mentioned that diet I'm getting back busy with this week, LOL??

Happiest thing of all today is that my eyesight in my left eye appears to have returned to normal. Whew.

Since I've done most of the work for tomorrow ahead of schedule, maybe I can actually do something fun. We'll see.

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