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Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, Monday...

I'm still paying today for overdoing it in the attic on Saturday. Since I've spent the whole time since we moved here in May of 2010 down with hips and back, plus the hip surgery, my whole attic is full of stuff that I have not been able to get up there to unpack! It doesn't bother me until I can't find something I know I have... then I go on search and destroy! This time, it was my scanner/printer I was missing. The attic is very hot this time of year, and I thought I was going to heat stroke up there! But after two hours of hunting, I finally found the missing scanner. In the process, I also managed to organize my crochet thread stash. It was all good until I decided to move a cabinet and a couple of chairs around. Apparently that was a bad idea!  Anyway hopefully this pain flareup will settle down in a couple of days. 

I did something fun yesterday. We have a giant walnut tree in our back yard and we have SO many walnuts everywhere! My two "pet" squirrels, a black one and a red/brown one, have been busy using my brand new flower garden to bury nuts for winter. They seem to appreciate the hard ground having been dug all up for them! So to amuse myself, I put a bunch of walnuts in a little bucket and sat it on the chair out in the garden. I'm dying to see one of the squirrels jump up there and steal nuts out of the bucket - I hope they will!

I've decided to share my weight loss story on the internet. I've lost 65 pounds since October 2009 and plan on losing another 35.  You can read all about it at here . It was kind of encouraging putting the webpage together, seeing how far I've come... it brought back a lot of feelings and memories!  The lovely lady to my left is my late mama, Norma.  Not to be confusing but I was lucky to have TWO moms - my natural mom Norma, and my adopted mom Izzy.  I adored them both and I hope to see them again someday in heaven. 

I am just SO grateful to be smaller now. It's easier to get around. I can fit through tight spaces better:) And hey, clothes are fun.  Even though I don't work anymore, I still have a rule that I have to get dressed through shoes, and put on makeup to face the world. I feel better about myself when I do that. So check it out... and wish me luck! I plan on continuing to update the site with my progress and new photos as I go. 

Now it's time to take a break from all the computer work and go crochet on my latest project. It's a doily I call "A Different Rose" and I'm sharing the pattern with my online crochet group. 

OH, one more thing... an update on Koby, our senior diabetic miniature schnauzer rescue boy. He saw the vet last Friday for his serial blood sugar test. It went badly - he pegged the meter at 500+ after just one injection. The test was discontinued right there. Dr. Ray increased his insulin dose, and changed him to a different food at my request. Koby wasn't eating his kibble well.  So we have changed to canned prescription food, and he is snarfing it every meal!! Yay Koby! I saw Dr. Ray again today when I went to pick up more food. He asked about Koby's water drinking and I told him it was still as much as before. He decided to increase the insulin a bit more and we will retest him on Friday. Please keep your good thoughts and/or prayers coming for Koby, he sure is in trouble. He had lost an additional 3 pounds he could not afford to lose, and we are desperately trying to get weight back on him. 

Everybody, have an amazing day! 

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