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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Prayers For My Son, Crochet Is My Distraction

As I sit here in my son John's hospital room, I'm reminded of how very fragile life can be once again. A stupid wood splinter about an inch long in his knee last week caused all this. He has a very serious cellulitis infection that went from just his knee to his entire leg in just hours yesterday.

Thank God the antibiotic chosen is working and he's starting to improve, but he is in immense pain. I know the pain intimately well since I have been fighting a battle against cellulitis infection in my leg for five weeks now. I'm starting to get better too after two weeks of iv antibiotics.

Crocheting, is always what calms me in times of stress. I have two projects with me... One is the new Red Heart Sashay ruffling yarn, which I'm playing with learning how to crochet it! It spreads apart about 3" wide. Something completely different for sure , but I can see it making some amazing things.

Update. A few days later! My son is home and so far the antibiotics are working. Thank you, God. There is nothing for a mom than seeing her kid suffering.

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