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Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New Pattern... And Big Changes For Me!

For some odd reason tonight, I'm counting the hours until 6 a.m. when it will be exactly one week until I have total right knee replacement surgery on the agenda! Those of you who know me personally know that I've been through both hip replacements in 2011/12, spent all of 2012 getting all "tough" again, and now the news that the destructive arthritis has taken both of my knees. Well, a lot of things will change in a hurry next week, that's for sure... for one thing, it will be the end of my in-person yarn shopping adventures for at least several weeks! But luckily there's lots of yarn and thread available online and Tom the Mailman definitely knows his way to my door with the packages! He is so nice to me, I am truly spoiled. I have a most awesome mailman. Through all those months after the hip surgeries, he faithfully carried my mail up to my door and rang the bell, even though I'm sure he did not have to do so. And he was so proud of me the first time he saw me make it all the way out to the mailbox on my walker! That day seems long ago now... I just walk right out there now.  That's the kind of thing that is so very hard to give up.

But... this time, and the time after, when we do the left knee, I will get through it the way I have gotten through everything else... with Crochet. Hopefully lots of great ideas will come to me, I'll make them and share them with you all. If not, I'll be making a lot of dishcloths, but either way I'll be here talking about it.

On a much happier note, this week's pattern is a fresh take on the kitchen and bathroom hand towel. I've made my share of towels with crocheted tops over the years – haven't we all? But I confess, I've always hated cutting up those pretty towels in half! I like the whole towel. I came up with a little Spring flower towel holder which you simply put on your towel bar and leave there. Then you slide a clean towel into the loop holder as needed. I think it will have a lot of wear and tear from frequent laundering on the pretty holder, too. Anyway, for your consideration, here 'tis:

Since you were kind enough to stop by my blog, you can hear about the free pattern first! You can get it right here. Enjoy! 

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