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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's been an amazing week!

Wow!!! Fasten your seat belt and hold on... enjoy the ride... that's what this past week has felt like for me! 

First off, I was privileged to have an article published in an online magazine called "SoCrafty!"  You can see my article here.  "SoCrafty" has asked me to make regular contributions, what an honor! Now I will definitely be busy coming up with new ideas for the articles!

I'm busy working on my newest design, but I can't reveal what it is yet! That's because I'm running a contest at my online crochet group to guess the design and win the pattern! 

The other huge thing that happened this week is that my dream of writing a crochet book with all my designs may be realized sooner than I thought! I lost my visual ability to switch back and forth quickly from one thing to another. I have 15 years of crochet patterns all written down in notebooks, and I'm not able to type them up without a lot of difficulty because of the eyesight thing. Well, my girlfriend Heidi has come to the rescue and offered to type them all up for me and turn them into wonderful text docs that I can manipulate as I wish. This is a dream come true for me!! I really do want to save my designs for posterity, and I will be working hard at making this book happen!

Now for the really fun stuff... I got to take a little trip to Kansas City this past weekend to see my sister, Celia, and Sally, my BFF.  Sally had a very critical illness last fall and I was recovering from the hip surgery so I couldn't make the trip down until now. I hadn't seen Celia since last summer. We got a really neat hotel room and took our little baby Ladybug with us... she is an excellent bye-bye dog! It was her first hotel, first elevator ride, lots of other firsts... and she handled it all in stride!  Here she is, making herself at home on the hotel bed. 

Here she is, making herself at home on the hotel bed. 
Later on, my sister brought over my little precious "niece," Lucy Liu, a tiny Yorkie. She is Ladybug's BFF and they had a ball playing together! 
Left, my sis Celia holding Ladybug, Lucy Liu peeking through, and me.
Later on, Celia and her husband Randy took us to a fabulous buffet dinner at the Argosy Casino. And yes, we did manage to lose just a few coins there! We all had a blast.  
The amazing entrance to the Argosy Casino.
The night sky is all painted but it fooled me!
Ron, left and my brother-in-law Randy chat while Celia
and I are yapping and playing with the furkids.
Ladybug got to cuddle with her aunt Sally and she was a perfect little lady while visiting there all day Sunday.  Sally and I had an awesome time visiting, and her husband Ron made us all a fabulous dinner.  Then Ron (my Ron, LOL) and I stopped for some of our favorite HiBoy burgers and headed back north.  It was a perfect weekend and it did me SO much good to see my two girls!! 
Ladybug loved snuggling with her aunt Sally! The pretty girl
in the background is my fairy-grand-goddaughter, Lacey.
Well, I guess that's enough excitement for one week - and this week has barely started! Love it!!

– Sheila

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