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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December Blog Winner! New Giveaway for January! Crocheting for Warmth!

Baby, It's Cold! 
At this writing, it is -6º actual outside! If you walk out without something over your face, you instantly freeze! I've been busy crocheting some new fingerless gloves with cover flaps you can flip over your fingers for warmth. I found the warmest yarn, Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee Riot Eyelash Sparkle, in a pretty turquoise and I am crocheting a neckwarmer/cowl out of it right now! I refuse to leave the house until it is finished! Yesterday I had to go out to take my Scrappy Jack to the vet. The wind has been brutal here creating wind chills in the -30º range! He wore TWO doggie coats and a blanket. I had on my usual two fleece jackets, my mobius scarf which is the warmest thing ever, and my fingerless gloves (without the flaps). I FROZE. Needed something more, the neck warmer. I'm even considering making leg warmers, something I have never owned! It's just awful here. It will be a huge relief that we are going to climb into the 20's today!

Help For My Eyesight! 
I'm very excited that my neuro-opthalmologist has found some help for my eyesight issues! I'm very farsighted to begin with, I have constant double vision from myasthenia gravis, and a stroke in 2009 made me half blind in my right eye. It has been a huge frustration trying to see to do my close-up crocheting, my writing on the computer, and so on. He told me we can't correct my vision properly with one pair of glasses and bifocals anymore. So he has prescribed two different trifocal glasses, one for computer and one for walking around. I've picked them out and ordered them, and they should arrive in a few more days. I am so excited at the possibility of seeing better to do my work! 

Scrappy Jack In His Crocheted Sweater
Scrappy Jack Update... 
Not much else to tell right now - I've been busy caring for my sick Scrappy Jack Schnauzer. He is very slowly improving but he's been sick with this awful cellulitis infection in his jaw since Thanksgiving Day. Prayers and/or good thoughts are much appreciated!

December Blog Winner! 
OurJoy is the winner of my December blog contest! She won her choice of my crocheted Hexagon Snowflake or Dancing Angels Snowflake, along with her choice of any pattern offered on my site. Congratulations! 

January Giveaway!! 
For January, the contest will be to win the prototype for my "Sweet On You" Valentine motif, (not yet published), along with the winner's choice of any pattern offered at my  All you need to do to win is leave a comment below! 

Happy Crocheting! 
– Sheila

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