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Friday, February 1, 2013

My German Shepherd Dog Grandpuppy Ate My (Crochet) Homework!

I just had to write an apology letter to my potholder exchange partner! I was finishing up the final round of her potholder, I was about halfway through the round and sat it down. Went off to go do something else for about 15 minutes, leaving the work by my chair. To my horror, when I came back, the potholder was on the couch, chewed... my crochet hook was down in the couch cushion, and the ball of  yarn was over by my chair. Macie, my German Shepherd Dog grand-puppy, had herself one good time! 

I have never in my life had to tell someone "My dog ate my homework" until this moment! Although I was really mad about it at the time, I had to laugh too. I knew better than to leave it out. Macie loves anything pink or red, which this was, and she adores yarn. Stupid me. 

I can fix it enough for my personal use, but certainly not to give as a gift! 

Lesson learned, doggie gramma! 

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