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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hi and a belated happy New Year to all my crochet friends! Hope this finds you happily crocheting away at something special and fun! 

It has been many months since I have been here... the medical drama continued in a big way from our last chat in November through the present time. The "highlights" include a very serious fall in January which caused a head injury, bruised ribs and a fractured spine. I've also been struggling with my neuromuscular disease, myasthenia gravis, and fighting my insurance company for months to obtain needed medications. In short, my whole winter has been one big medical drama/nightmare. I'll be checking into the hospital later this week to receive more treatment that will hopefully get things on the upswing for me. 

I think it's about time for a contest! Who wants one of my for-sale patterns for free?  It's very simple... all you have to do is give me an idea for a new crochet pattern design! Be specific - don't just say "doily," for example... say something like "3D flower doily of an Iris" or "floral table runner with roses" or whatever your vision dictates. The top three choices I make from your suggestions will win each submitter a pattern! Just email your submission idea to:  

You may be aware that the purpose behind my for-sale patterns is to provide a source of funds for my Miniature Schnauzer Rescue, Sheila's Schnauzies. Here is a photo of our latest rescue, Sarge, whose case we took on last October. He was a puppy mill breeding dog who never experienced life as a dog in his 7 years, and was in horrendous medical condition. In December he went to a wonderful forever home! It's why we do what we do.  You can visit his rescue campaign here to read his whole story. 

Sarge, well and happy now!

Although I haven't been writing up patterns nor publishing any for quite some time, I have still been keeping busy crocheting when I can! Here are a few of the things I've completed since November. 

Pearl wearing a sweater I designed out of Bernat's Baby Blanket

A sweater I designed for myself out of an ombre boucle yarn

Work in progress at the time... a blanket i made as a Christmas gift for my new son in law, Russ. I made it about 4.5 feet wide and almost 7 feet long! Done entirely in Bernat Blanket, it was so heavy toward the end that I could barely flip the work each row! But the good news was it was one of his favorite Christmas presents ever and he really cherishes it. 

Rescue boy Sarge wearing a sweater I designed for him using my
PrettiPants pattern. Done in 100% cotton Peaches & Creme.

A gemstone and crystal bracelet I designed for a friend. I'm planning to do a matching necklace. 

If you ever need a special gift for a friend just let me know – I do only custom designs using real gemstones and Swarovski crystals, real sterling, gold or copper hardware. 

Well, that's a few of the pieces I've done. Hopefully there will be lots more when my health improves. The myasthenia affects my eyesight and hand dexterity when it's bad. The arthritis in my hand makes it painful to crochet when it's flared. So I work when I can and am grateful for what I can do! 

If you'd like to pick up some of my free online published patterns, just click here and it will take you to the index of my free patterns. 

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