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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grey Autumn Saturday... Loved It!

Since I was a little kid, walking home from school on Park Street, I've been in love with Autumn.  The smells of drifting leaves, the gusty winds, the gray late October skies, now and then the scent of burning leaves; I love it all.  Here is a picture I took yesterday of the pretty trees on our street. 

I sneaked outside today with my walker (hey, it's only 3 weeks postop on Monday!) and did a bit of desperately needed gardening. It was easy; I had to work on a container.  I had put a bunch of plants together for a plant trade right before I went to the hospital, and didn't make it to get them shipped. They've been wrapped up in the kitchen for over three weeks and were looking a bit scary. Since they were all perennials, the best medicine was to get their feet back in dirt outside, and allow them to freeze tonight. Sounds a bit harsh, eh.  I figure half of them will survive. I'll have to send a double package to the poor shorted trader in the Spring. I feel bad, but I did what I could do before the surgery, and it wasn't enough. 

Brought in my hanging fern and a basket of petunias that were still just to pretty to allow to freeze tonight. I always have trouble with the first frost. I like my plants green and alive! But they'll all be back in the spring and I will be feeling so much better by then, it'll be amazing.

I was so gratified today with the response to Harry's memorial site.  For one of my sites to get over 200 visits in 48 hours is quite amazing. But then I don't think I've ever worked quite as hard to promote anything before. I want everyone in the world to read his story and take something away from it. 

Bailey escaped his haircut today, lucky boy.  Tomorrow he is doomed.  I'm in a flare brought on by the antibiotics they have me on, so didn't get a whole lot done. 

Ron came home from Walmart and was all excited because he happened to run into a Halloween costume that was a Ladybug... and he wanted me to see it so I could get it for our Ladybug of course. So I guess there's my first trip to Walmart in my near future. 

Went out to eat for the first time last night, ate at a Mexican place on 72nd Street... I think it was called Salgado's but I'm not sure... anyway, it was quite different and not bad at all.  During this phase of recovery it's really easier not to go out... the whole walker thing is very annoying to deal with.  Once I can do a cane, it's much easier to go places. 

I just finished an illusion necklace with a gorgeous picture Peruvian Opal pendant I've been saving for something special for years, and the stones were Goldstone, tiger's eye, Citrine, freshwater pearls, poppy jasper, carnelian, blue goldstone, (which is actually black), and black tourmaline.  I was doing leopard colors. Quite happy with how it  turned out, we'll see how it wears.  I crochet these necklaces out of tiny fishing line and this itty bitty crochet hook.  I have dexterity problems and eyesight problems - could I find anything more challenging? Somehow my hands have just learned to cooperate with doing it. It's weird that I can. 

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