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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What To Design Next?

In thinking about the upcoming weeks of my "crochet calendar" to fill with designs, I'm having to work just a bit ahead because of my knee surgery next week. I'm trying to come up with some creative ideas - in a hurry - and I'm just drawing a big-old blank! Have you ever done that? You know, that "I want to make something but I don't know what" feeling?

I suppose the most logical thing is a St. Patrick's Day design, yes?  Last year, for St. Patrick's I did a little Shamrock that everyone seemed to enjoy. Perhaps this time I'll do a potholder... since I seem to be in a potholder mood lately. Definitely something kitchen-y, whatever it ends up. OK, there's one week!

Last Year's Shamrock Pin, Pattern Available Here

For week two, I think I will try and pattern up a custom design I have been working up for a client, something handy for men or women to enjoy... a notepad sleeve. It's pretty basic stuff, but sometimes that's the beauty of crochet. A need appears, and a solution is found in crochet! I remember the day I brought home my new iPad without having purchased a case for it yet. I was totally panicked that I would break it! So I dropped everything and crocheted myself a simple little carrier sleeve for it, which served its purpose until I found the keyboard case I wanted later.  So maybe it's not such a dumb idea to put the pattern out, I suppose.  Here is a picture of the one I'm working on for the client, it's in very thick burgundy chenille.

Hopefully within two weeks I'll be feeling up to crocheting and writing again, I just don't want to lose my momentum!

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