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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Rare and Beautiful Early Spring!

This is crazy! I have daffodils blooming, my magnolia is about to burst into its pink and white splendor, and there are actually hostas up and unfolding! Unheard of. We don't call this place the "frozen north" for nothing! Spring has made a rare, early appearance here in Omaha. Today's high is supposed to be 72º and our normal highs would be mid 50's right now. 

I've been enjoying my little "nature walks" in the gardens, seeing who has shown up to play every day. Right about now is time to start the tomato plant and pepper seeds in flats. Guess I should've done that in January!

It's Spring at my "design station" right now, too (my desk!) It's covered with prototypes of Easter eggs I've been designing the last couple of days. I'm trying to decide which one is the winner to submit for my   article. I think the one with the bunny border will probably win out. Normally I don't gravitate toward the light pastel colors in the crochet thread department, but at Easter I make an exception. This project is going to incorporate pink, lavender, light blue, green, yellow and white! The colors look so pretty and cheerful. I'm using a new line of size 3 thread called "Bamboo Ice" from Aunt Lydia. The colors and feel are fabulous, but it is annoying to work with! The metallic thread running through it isn't bonded at all to the bamboo part, and it tries to separate constantly. Maybe I need a different hook. Oh well, lesson learned. If I survive it, it'll be pretty and feel wonderful... and I'll probably never work with it again! 

Our yard is so green. The furkids are having a ball playing outside, and want out constantly. I was up in the attic the other day searching for something and one of the girls found a huge stuffed monkey. After checking with the former owner - my daughter, I let them keep it to play with. Here's the video.. 

The other day I finally completed the design for my new Spiffer© floor duster/mop crochet permanent refill and got it published. You can get the info here. It's the companion piece to my Spiffer© duster that I've had out there for several years. People started requesting the mop recently, and I said to myself, "DUH!" I really like how it turned out, if I do say so myself.  Great timing, because I've been trying to raise about $200 to get Monty's teeth fixed.  Over halfway there now!

Well, it's time to get to work now! Hope it's warm and beautiful wherever you are. 

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