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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On The Mend!

After a long day with no coffee (who cares about food!) I finally got word just after 3 that I was headed to surgery to remove the port. They just wheeled me in there in my own bed, draped it all up and went to work. Nice dr and two helpers. When he removed the dressing he was shocked and told me the port had actually eroded through the skin and was exposed to the air! That's so incredibly dangerous for infection!

So after a bit of iv sedation and a local, he went to work removing it. That was the easy part, I guess. It took him over 30 minutes to close the incision because my skin was so thin and there wasn't enough to stretch. Damn prednisone. He finally got it to work, telling me, "You sure made me sweat there!" It had been hurting a lot before, and while it's been pretty sore after, the deep icky pain has gone.

Now that this infected hardware is out, my body (and Cipro) can start killing off all the nasty bugs and get well!

Sitting outside, it's about 60 and pretty breezy, but for the first time in a couple weeks I don't have chills, so it's almost pleasant. I've spent so many nights over the past year roaming deserted hospital corridors and parking lots thst I've lost count. I think it's about enough already! I'm really hoping they'll let me go home tomorrow. I can hear my container plants gasping for water from here!

Last night Ron brought Koby up here so I could give him his insulin. That was awesome to have some doggie time! Koby's totally blind. I "shhh'd" Ron and just put my hand up to Koby's nose. It confused him for a second before he figured out it was me, but them he wiggled and wagged like a happy puppy! I love that boy so much.

Well, time to head inside hopefully for another nap. Night all...

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