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Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Stuff, Sad Stuff... Crochet Stuff... Life.

Very good stuff... I just published the last round to the pattern for the Sally's Dancing Angels Doily Crochet-Along.  Thank you to everyone who is doing the pattern! I added a feedback spot on the pattern and would love to hear from you there if you're doing the doily! Thanks! Now I have to do some pretty extensive beading on it with hand sewing (I prefer that method because it gives more precise placement). Then I finally get to give it to her!! 

A close-up of the doily before it's beaded.

More good stuff... my hip continues to heal nicely. I'm about 3-1/2 months post-op, getting around with and without cane. (I do short hops without). I'm so looking forward to doing some gardening, just walking around in the yard being me. We're having unseasonably warm weather here in Omaha, so I may be out there sooner than I think. I picked up starter soil yesterday so I can get some seeds going indoors. Peppers to start, then whatever.... probably more baby mimosa trees, knowing me! 

I've been working hard at getting organized to start selling a lot of my unused yarn on Listia, ebay, Etsy, etc. I need to destash and sell a whole lot of handmade jewelry!

VERY proud that my son John is starting college for a Welding degree the first of March. And I think I've said already my daughter Carianne is doing her graduate work in Counseling at UNO.  Go kids!

Here is my beautiful grandgirl Winnie, just hangin' out.
The furkids... very sad news, Koby went to Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, January 25. He suddenly developed a high fever, went unconscious and then had seizures. We rushed him to the vet but every time he regained consciousness he went into seizures. It was time to let the blessed baby go, and he left in my arms. Koby was one of my "heart dogs." He only wanted to be loved. If you want to read more about his struggle with diabetes and blindness, you can read it here

Koby with his beautiful soulful eyes, the
way I want to remember him always. I am sure
he is like this again now at Rainbow Bridge.

I am taking Bailey to the vet this week to have him evaluated. He is suffering from arthritis and some stomach upset, and is 13 years old. I refuse to allow him to suffer. So we're going to determine what his status is. 


Monty and Scrappy are doing fine, and I am posting a cute video of Monty to YouTube today. It features Monty in his nightly ritual of hiding Big Bone and putting him to bed. He is pretty hilarious doing this!  I don't have the link yet but just look for it under Sheila Schnauzies.

Scrappy and Monty snoozing back in '05. Wow have they changed!

SueSue and Ladybug are having fun running the place along with their cohort Winnie, my granddog. I think everybody has cabin fever. I know I do!! 

I guess the next thing I crochet will be some type of Valentine's project. The inspiration has not arrived yet, but I'm sure it will.

Won a little crochet contest with this design in 2003.

That's about all the news update from here. Hope everyone is busy doing something to combat the cabin fever! 

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