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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Designing On The Road!

Right now I'm snuggled in blankets with a hot cup of coffee on my sister's beautiful deck in Kansas City. I can imagine no exotic destination I'd rather be waking up to on earth; no sight more glorious than the gleam of the four bird feeders' glass catching the next door neighbor's floodlights. I'm home. It has been six weeks since I sat here last, on the day before I was to return to Omaha for knee replacement surgery the following day. It's a wonderful feeling to be back with that long nightmare in my rear view mirror. Even though I'm not fully recovered, I was strong enough to make the trip to be with my "girls" -my sister Celia and one of my best friends, Sally. Sally is very ill in the hospital this week and I needed to see her. Since my husband was driving down for a Golf Channel Tour tournament, I hopped aboard and came along. It's been a great weekend catching up. Last night it was so much fun to have dinner with our oldest, Ron Jr., his lovely wife Dee and our grandson, Nick.

Today we leave to return home to the four Schnauzers and whatever "normal life" is. I hope to stay awake for the drive and get more work done on Chelsea's Stargazer hair clip. Her birthday was a few days ago but as so often happens with me, inspiration for the perfect gift arrived a bit behind schedule.

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