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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Oh, we're at that annoying point in surgery recovery... when it feels like it will never  be over with, you'll never be back to normal... it's kind of a big waahhhh week, you know? You have more pain than you have been having, I think it's something to do with nerves rejoining or something. I had this same thing the last time.

OK done complaining now! No, just a little more.. VERY frustrated with my weight loss, or lack thereof. I was so hoping this surgery would take another 10 pounds with it! But no... I'm precisely where I was when I went in! I always remind myself I should be grateful I haven't regained anything.  And yet, my rings are all floppy, my clothes are fitting a bit different... I dunno.  Maybe I need to do something completely different for awhile... like eat?

SueSue woke me up at 1:30 a.m. needing to go outside.  I need to take her to the vet, she has been drinking a lot, eating a lot and peeing a lot... plus the extreme irritability - I don't want to think the "D" word, but I have to.  At least, it is something going on for sure. And she's only five.

When one goes, six go.  Once I'm up, I'm up... and I stayed up and worked until about 6 am, then took an hour nap.   So that tells you how I'm feeling now. Hate nights like that. I got another stripe done on the afghan, watched The Social Network, made a pair of earrings (moonstone, clear quartz, blue goldstone)... and thought about what I'm going to do with this top I'm making.  I bought several tops from the same designer that had very long sleeves. I altered them, and ended up with several rather large pieces of fabric that all go together well.  So I'm going to do a colorblock thing out of them. Have to be hand-sewn, because I don't have my sewing machine unpacked!

Continue to be gratified by the response to Harry's memorial page. We are approaching 1,000 hits and for just word of mouth, that really amazes me. He has gone from a rank of 1.5 million to 6,000 in a week. That's pretty cool! If you get a chance, check his page out at

I'm almost finished with the Decadent Luxury Afghan, and already thinking about the next one! I'd like to make my husband one as his Christmas gift.  When we were practically newlyweds in the early 80's, I used up all my scrap yarn making him a very large ripple afghan.  It is very heavy and I find it a bit scratchy, although it has survived countless washings and comforted many family members having chills over 25+ years!! I think it's about time to give it a rest and give him a new one.

Toying with the idea of sending some of my designs in to a few publishers and see if anyone likes my stuff well enough to publish it.  I've always loved the idea of work once/reward many and that definitely fits in with that mindset.  I always get the biggest kick out of it when someone buys something from my CafePress store, where I put my art on various items they sell.

Well I'm wandering into minutiae.... time to get something done! (Like the dishes:( )

Be amazed... at something today. -Sheila

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