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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Walnuts, Walnuts Everywhere!!!

I have never SEEN so many walnuts in all my life! It's been a bit windy off and on the last couple of days and it is just raining walnuts! We have a number of walnut trees here and they must have had a bumper crop, because I don't recall it being like this last year! They're quite the hazard, covering the steps, driveway, everywhere!  Poor Ron's been shoveling them up by the garbage bag full, filling up one after another... and it still hasn't made a dent! He had to shovel them up twice just today. We have been warning all our visitors to watch out for stepping on them! 

On my next door neighbor's encouragement, I cracked one open and actually tried it... and it was yummy! Now I want to save some of them, but it would be SO much work picking all those nuts out. If only there were a market for them!

Not sure where the weekend flew off to. The day after my sister left, my hip was totally "out" and spent a couple of days in dire pain. I started feeling a bit better on Friday but a nearly hour-long wait standing in line at the DMV fixed that. Did manage to get to the store for a few things, and picked up Koby's food for the month. I also picked up some yarn from Hobby Lobby for the vest I'm working on designing right now.  I fell in love with this yarn they had, "Bamboo Spun," in the color "Naturals." It's a mix of taupe, brown, gray and black and the feel of it is amazing. It will have to merit its own whole project in the future, for sure. For now, it's a stripe in the vest. 

My bff Sally has spent the past week in the hospital. I am just devastated that I cannot be there with her. I'm supposed to be having this hip done a week from Monday and I just cannot do anything now except work on getting over this infection and getting stronger for the surgery.  I know she understands, just like I understood when she was too ill to come be with me in the hospital. It just stinks that we have to live so far apart, and when one of us is sick it's really bad.  To make it worse, she is facing a very long hospital stay followed by a stay in skilled nursing rehab for wound care. Lots of prayers needed there for sure. 

Went out today and planted the spider lilies I received from a garden friend. At least they are safe in the ground now. I dug up a few plants to send her, but don't have them packaged yet. 

Well, guess that's all the big news for today. Fading fast...  Here is a picture of my granddog Winnie in her new 'My Little Pony' shirt that Grammy had to get her at Petsmart! I adore this little girl. 

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