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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What A Happy Weekend!

Well, the last six days since getting out of the hospital have been a big, happy blur of activity! I had a burst of energy on Friday and cleaned, getting ready for my sister Celia's visit. She is a hairdresser with her own salon and she came up to Council Bluffs to attend a big hair show. Then she took some time off and came over to spend Sunday through this morning with me. Spending time with her is such a gift! Long story short, I didn't eve know Celia until I was about 30... I had been adopted as a baby and she and I were raised separately. We met once when I was 10 and she was 5... but we lost track of one another for many years. Once we were reunited, we instantly bonded and became best friends as well as sisters.  She had some new toys from the hair show - my daughter and I had fun being "guinea pigs" for her new "bling strands" and instant hair color, which is awesome to hide that gray stuff in between hair colorings!  The bling strands are just pure fun. You tie them into the hair like extensions and they stay there indefinitely. As you may know, I pretty much love anything that sparkles! Anytime I get to have her mess with my hair it's a huge treat for me. She taught Cari how to put in the strands so here she is doing Celia's hair.

Yesterday we had a ball at the Goodwill store! She and I both love thrift store shopping. She found a great sweater for me and I found a pretty silk blouse for her. After a nap and a spaghetti dinner, we had a girls' night out last night and went to see "The Help," which I thought was awesome. It left me with a kind of bittersweet/sad mood, but still a very good movie. It'll probably get added to my permanent collection eventually.

Sis left early this morning and I overslept! I woke up late, in a lot of pain from the long time of inactivity (arthritis makes you "rust in place" when you are not moving for a long time).  It's going to be just a bad day. That's ok, if I overdid it a bit it was worth it.  Hopefully on October 10 I'll get a new hip and I won't have to deal with days like this anymore.

Off to catch up on email and probably crochet for awhile. I'm working on a lap afghan for myself out of all the white fancy yarns I have left over from the scarf project last fall.

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