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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why The Chicken Potholder Isn't Crossing The Road...

I'm not sure why. Not that it's going to be that tough of a design project. There's going to be a rooster and an egg but that's as far as I've gotten.  Spending the weekend with my sister, who collects chicken objects, I have rooster inspiration all around me and I've taken pics of them all.  Now if I could only get an IDEA!! Worse yet. This potholder is owed to an exchange partner and its now officially late! This puppy had better hatch soon or a certain lady will be mad as a wet hen!! And now we''re gonna cross the road... Here's my best inspiration so far...I


I've been designing a lot of jewelry lately. Here are a couple of my latest pieces....

This freeform wire crystal and gemstone bracelet is for sale just ask!

Perhaps a crocheted earring and pendant? Check it out at

Here's my little girl Ladybug enjoying vacay at auntie's house... Me too!

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sdlb said...

Ahhhh! Do you have a pattern on how to make the puppy? Hugs, Sheri *¿*

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