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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Free Valentine Patterns Coming Out This Week!

Just look out my window with me, and enjoy the beautiful snow! It's a beautiful day for crocheting, and I have a lot to get done!

We got around 3-4" of snow overnight, from the looks of it! Pretty!
 As always, I have a lot stacked up to get done. I made the choice of accepting some "for sale" finished object contracts, and now I have to finish them! Not a lot – one of my Spiffer duster and floor duster refill sets, and a case for some type of notebook/tablet.  I also have an exchange potholder I'm trying to get finished and out in the mail (that one is fun!)

I'll make a confession:  I hate doing production crochet! I used to do lots of it for craft shows when I was young. Now that I have this stupid arthritis trying to take over my hands, crocheting for a long time does actually take a toll on my hands and I have to limit what I do. So I save my hands for my design work, and for making things for myself and friends or family. In those things I find the true joy of crocheting.

I really need to look into finding some nice crocheters out there who would be willing to do some production crochet for me when I get these requests for finished objects, because I really can't do them anymore. Life is too short – why get all stressed out about it when there are crocheters out there looking for the work! Silly me.

A sneak preview of part of this week's new free "Here's My Heart
Valentine Potholder," free pattern to be published later this week!"
This week I will be publishing a new Valentine pattern, the "Here's My Heart Valentine Potholder," which will work up quickly and be an easy enough project for a beginner to make! I've been trying to add more beginner level designs lately. Not everyone wants to make crazy-intricate 3D flower doilies every day! So lately, I've been focusing on everyday objects we all use that are fun and easy to make.

If you don't get announcements of my new free patterns as they come out, you can subscribe to my email mailing list and get them. Just email me at with "Mailing List" in the subject line and I will be glad to add you.

Front to back, Ladybug, Winnie and Bailey Schnauzer
nap out on their favorite bed after a romp in the snow!
Looks like I will have to put my snow boots on and run out to the Post Office later today and mail a few things. That should be fun!  The Schnauzers are all excited about the new snowfall, as always. So is Macie my German Shepherd Dog grandpuppy. Now they are all napped out in their various favorite places, snoring happily. Good stuff.

Well, I guess I'd better get busy on all of the aforementioned or it will never get done! Happy crocheting, everyone!

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