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Monday, May 7, 2012

Where Does Your Mind Go When You're....

... crocheting? Do you think about the person you're making the scarf for, mentally figure up the yarn $$ you spent on the project? Or do you prefer to daydream, thinking about everything BUT crochet? It's just one of those questions that popped into my mind and attached before it had the chance to leave!

I tend to think a lot when I'm crocheting OR gardening. Yesterday I was hosing off the winter's accumulation of mud and debris from where it collects at one end of our big cement patio. I probably spent a good hour doing it.  When I'm focusing on something like that, it's easy to let my mind just go where it will.

You know that feeling when you had some big dream overnight and you can't remember it after you wake up? Many times hours later I'll be doing something "mindless" and flashes from the dream will start floating up from the depths. Wonder why that is. I've always found it fascinating, though.

Today I have a whole "day off" – that is, nowhere I need to be. It's supposed to be 70º and sunny today, how perfect is that... so part of my day will probably be spent outdoors. I still have lots of things to get planted and transplanted, so that's one possibility. Another is any one of these tasks from my "to-do" list for Spring 2012...

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